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Please read the spelling rules and publishing principles strictly before submitting your article.

The study should be organized according to APA 6 spelling rules.

The study must comply with grammar rules. In the use of punctuation marks in the article, the most recent TDK Spelling Guide should be based on the writing of words and abbreviations, a clear and simple way of expression should be followed, and unnecessary information that goes beyond the purpose and scope should not be included. In the preparation of the article, valid scientific methods should be followed, and the information about the subject, purpose, scope, reason for preparation etc. of the study should be given in sufficient amounts and in a specific order.

Title: Each article should have a title in the language in which it is written and also in Turkish and English. It should be short, clear and sufficiently reflective of the content of the article, written in capital letters and bold, and should not exceed fifteen words.

Abstract and Keywords: Turkish abstract should reflect the purpose, scope and results of the study. The abstract should be at least a hundred and a maximum of two hundred words, and Turkish keywords of at least three and at most six words should be written one line under the abstract. In addition, the abstract, title and keywords should be in English. Articles written in a foreign language should include the title, abstract and keywords in Turkish, English and also in the article’s language. Care should be taken to avoid language mistakes in abstracts written in foreign languages. TAB space should not be used in the Summary and Abstract sections.

Main Text: It is preferred that the abstracts should not exceed twenty pages, using MS Office Word software (extension .doc or .docx).

Page Setup:     A4 size, Times New Roman 11 font size

Margins right, left, top and bottom 2.5 cm

Line spacing 1

The page number should be centered at the bottom of the page.

Except for the summary section, TAB space should be given at the beginning of each paragraph.

Main headings: All capital letters, left aligned and written in bold.


Figures, tables, maps and photographs: Figures, tables, maps and photographs should not overflow the writing area, if necessary, each should be placed on a separate page. Figures and tables should be numbered and named in Turkish and English according to their content. Numbers and titles should be written below the figures and above the tables, only the first letters of the words should be written in capital letters. Times New Roman 10 font size should be used in the captions of tables and figures.