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Dear Scholers,

The congress themed “1st INTERNATIONAL EURASIA LITERATURE STUDIES CONGRESS (IELSC)   will be held online by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences hosted by Avrasya University between 17-18.06.2021 in Trabzon.

The main purpose of the congress is,

On Literary Studies,

a) Transfering of up-to-date information and practices,

b) Supporting and organizing scientific research,

c) Establishing and guiding relevant policies by examining national problems,

d) Presenting regional and global problems, developing cooperation, producing joint solution programs and policies,

e) Strengthening professional and social communication relations between the relevant persons.

The goals of the congress;

On Literary Studies,

* Wide participation at national and regional level,

* Adequate discussion of current issues by their experts, 

* In all sizes by professional function:

* Transfer of information,

* High level education,

* Professional standardization,

* A scientific and professional program that gives an opportunity to present research and experience,

* Presenting, discussing, developing a large number of papers on appropriate research and education grounds; production of knowledge,

* Wide regional participation,

* Environments where the regional and global problems are discussed,

* The formation of professional solidarity grounds.