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Life and Art

Dear Researchers,

In the last few centuries, especially within modernity, it is seen that as an awareness and cultural work, literature has a significant place in normative even daily life. Following this general fact, its place in human beings’ life has always been questioned. Thus, the science of literature interacts efficiently with disciplines such as linguistics, history, psychology, communication sciences, and philosophy. This interaction gives this brand new phase of disciplines, fields of study, theories, and methods. For this reason, it is necessary to reveal the possibilities which might arise from the relationship between the science of literature and other social disciplines. In this context, the “1st International Congress of Eurasian Literary Studies (IELSC 2021)” will be held between 17-18 June 2020 in order to talk and discuss all these subject areas. All speeches and presentations in the conference will be held online and also will be published on YouTube. Our conference will be open to all fields that can be associated with literature and will include multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. We invite all academicians, researchers, health professionals, non-governmental organizations, and students who are interested in the “theme” of the conference. The languages ​​of the conference are English and Turkish. Papers will be reviewed by two members of the Scientific Committee at least, and other independent referees (if required), in line with published criteria and standards. The full text of the papers will be published in the Congress book. Also, the papers of the authors can be published in the national editorial book. Our conference fully meets the criteria for appointment, promotion, and academic incentives. On behalf of our organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to our conference. Best wishes…